About Us

Hawaii Country Club was opened in 1958 and it is the oldest public course on the island of Oahu.  It was designed and constructed in the 1950's by J.R. "Red" Uldrick.

Hawaii Country Club is located in the "Kunia district" in the mid-western section on the Island of Oahu, among the majestic pineapple fields. Built on a slightly elevated pass at the foot of the Waianae Mountain Range, it preserves the natural topography of the land. When built, it was full of natural beauty and the atmosphere of the good-old-days in Hawaii. In those days when there were only a few golf courses, it was extremely popular as a very rare public course, where everybody could play at a reasonable rate.

The view from the course is magnificent and has left a deep impression on many players. From many spots within the golf course, one can see Pearl Harbor and further away in the distance is Diamond Head and the high-rises in Downtown Honolulu.

As the years passed and the sugar cane industry declined in Hawaii, many golf courses were built on the land where the sugar cane fields once used to be. The "golf course at Kunia", which is how our country club is often referred to locally, continues to have the natural beauty and the atmosphere of the good-old-days.

The golf course was constructed in a valley in the midst of a very large grove of beautiful shade trees called monkey pods, the wood of which is often used for carving handsome bowls and platters.

"The natural beauty and the atmosphere of the good-old-days"
"Simplicity - as a country club was originally intended to have"

"Not long, but challenging"


- Those are things that Hawaii Country Club will continue to carefully protect as it evolves and enters the 21st century.